Top 10 Successful Water Leak Detection and Inspection Methods


Water is precious, and using it judiciously is the responsibility every human should be aware of. Sadly, around 30 to 40 percent of water gets lost due to the aging infrastructure. The lost amount of water can help you estimate the revenue the water supplier companies are losing with each drop.

Water leakage can happen due to cracks and flaws in pipes and plumbing systems. The greater part of the infrastructure is underground; you can’t see that without any advanced equipment. You’ll only be able to see that properly when water reaches the surfaces of foundations and structures through sinkholes, architectural damage, and buckling pavements. etc.,u8 and make it indeterminate.

It is really important to know exactly how much damage is done to your home/office furniture and structures. The below given detailed methods will help you in providing complete knowledge for the water leak detection and inspection methods. Detecting and inspecting your home completely can help you in setting up the budget for repairs and restoration.

Here are the successful water leak detection and inspection methods

Suppose you have encountered any signs that indicate water leakage in your home if you have noticed any of these water leakages in your home or your business.

  • Check the Volume Of Faucets: You should take regular check-ups of all the faucets in your home if you observe an effective change in the discharged volume of water coming out of the faucets at your home. Taking a day out of your work to fix such problems can be difficult. That is why plumbing professionals services like Good Guys Plumbing are essential.
  • Inspect the ceiling and walls for damps: The water seepage through tiny spaces can cause damping on the ceiling or drywall is a crucial sign of an upcoming plumbing emergency. You can fill these tiny spaces by using sealants. You can call Good Guys Plumbing for immediate damp proofing.
  • Analyze if there are cracks on the slab floor: The biggest reason for the crackings on the slab floor is the water damage due to groundwater. You can easily detect such crackings or damage on your home’s floor area.
  • Look out for the wet spots or stains: The wet spots or stains over the walls or floors also indicates water leakage. These wet spots or stains create an unpleasant vibe and make the tone of the house irregular.
  • Check for Sinkholes: Sinkholes are the indicator of underground cracking in the conduits or leakage due to any other flaws. It mainly happens due to faulty pipeline arrangements.
  • Look out Sudden Surge of Water Bills: In case your home’s water bill is getting a sudden surge, it’s probably a water leakage somewhere in your home. Even a minor leak can become wasting gallons of water and increment in your water bill.
  • Note if any paint and wallpaper peeling: If the wallpaper on your home’s walls has started peeling off, then this is the warning for you to hire a professional to repair the crack or plumbing system error at your home. Sometimes, the structure underneath the drywall gets damaged and requires replacement.
  • Check your toilets and bathroom: Toilets and bathrooms are the main areas of your home where you can observe the very first impact if any clogging or damage has arisen in the pipes. It would help if you kept a tight eye on your toilets and bathroom plumbing system.
  • Always remember the kitchen clogs: Your kitchen’s sink starts overflowing even if a minor clog occurs in the pipes. The common overflowing sometimes acts as an indicator of upcoming plumbing emergencies. Your kitchen sink regularly gets clogged due to the waste left on the utensils and kitchen slab during cooking.
  • Check for the exteriors: Your home’s exterior, like the lawn, pool, and foundation, should always be your priority while conducting any detection or inspection process. The exteriors of your home if gets water patches or moisture more
  • Repairings for the basement, garage, and laundry room: Don’t ever ignore the garage and basement area of your home, along with the laundry room. These are spaces where you can observe the highest impact of any damage that occurred in your home’s plumbing system.

Hiring Good Guys Plumbing For Complete Inspection Of Your Home

As soon as you encounter any water leakage in your home, you can reach out to our specialist plumbing professionals having the best equipment even in the odd hours. Good Guys professionals are available 24/7 to help you detect, inspect, and repair water leakage in Arizona.

Top 10 Successful Water Leak Detection and Inspection Methods

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