Repair a Running Toilet With these Guidelines

Repair a Running Toilet

A running toilet is not only frustrating but also its repair is costly. When your toilet is continuously running, it is undoubtedly the time to call a plumber. However, before your plumber arrives, you can save your money and time by fixing some of the common issues yourself. The most common reasons for running toilets are the float, flapper, and fill valve of the bathroom. You can fix float problems, flapper issues, and malfunctioning of the fill valve to stop the constant running of your toilet. Loosening or tightening the chain, replacing the fill valve or your flapper, or making adjustments in the float are some of the easy repairs that you can do at your home quickly to get rid of the running problem. Also, these steps will help you to save a lot of money.

Your Toilet is Running: How to Know it?

However, finding the exact reasons that are causing your toilet to run is quite tricky. Also, it isn’t easy to find out which part is precisely making it running. But, you can look in your tank and search for the overflow valve. If the water is entirely running into the overflow, then the culprit is your fill valve. If the water level is below the marked line on the overflow valve, then the culprit is your flapper.

Here are the other common reasons that are making your toilet running and ways to fix them:-

Problems in Toilet Flapper: Fix it

The toilet flapper made from rubber paddle covers the flush valve opening at your toilet tank’s bottom. Your flapper can cause problems due to the three main reasons: First, if the flapper’s chain is too long, second if the chain of the flapper is too short, third if the flapper has entirely gone bad. First of all, to investigate the lousy flapper, turn off the water supply and then drain the water tank by flushing the toilet. If the flapper’s chain is too long, adjust it to its right length by unhooking the hook from the toilet handle. If it is too short, then change it to a few links on the flapper chain. You will need to replace your flapper if the chain is in the right position, and still, your toilet tank is not filling up.

Adjusting Toilet Float

Toilets floats come in two different kinds, i.e., cup and ball. Ball float remains attached to the rod’s end, and the cup float comes in an O shape that keeps moving up and down the fill valve. If your toilet is running due to any float problem, gently bend the rod with the ball float up or down and change the water level. You can pinch the metal spring’s both ends connected with the cup float to lower or raise the float.

Replacing Toilet Fill Valve

If the water in the water tank has been raised above the overflow and making adjustments with a float will not help you, you will need to replace the fill valve. First of all, shut off your toilet’s water supply and then flush to thoroughly drain your water tank. Here are the steps to replace your fill valve:-

  • Unscrew the coupling nuts with a wrench that are connecting the water supply line to the fill valve.
  • Apply gentle pressure to the toilet valve to remove the locknut that is holding it to the tank.
  • Buy a suitable replacement for your fill valve, taking it to the hardware store.
  • After getting the suitable replacement, measure the overflow tube to its top.
  • Adjust it to the height by twisting the top of the newly purchased fill valve.
  • Now, remove the cap to install the new valve and screw on the locknut while pressing down to compress the washer.
  • Reconnect the supply line and flush your valve.
  • Now, you will need to reset the cap while checking for leaks.
  • Shorten the newly purchased fill valve to fit it in the angle adapter.
  • Fill the water tank by turning on the water while adjusting your float.

However, these steps are relatively easy, but it will take a little time, and if you have not used the tools earlier, it will become a headache for you. So, next time when your toilet starts running, call Goodguys plumbers immediately by dialing 602-762-8503. Our team will help you to get rid of running the bathroom instantly.

Repair a Running Toilet With these Guidelines

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